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Winter 2014

I just figured out why I haven't updated this site in over two years. It's because in that time I have spent almost 350 days on the road. I'm sure I've whined and complained and broadcasted my so-called wisdom in various medias about life on the road, but the ultimate truth is that it takes a toll. Somewhere along the line I sort of lost myself. Maybe I'm still packed away in a suitcase or stuck between mattresses in a hotel room. I'm sure I've left little pieces of myself all over the world. An eyelash here, a piece of skin there. I often wonder what damage I am personally causing the world's ecosystem by eating the food of one country and then exporting it to another via my digestive tract. Of course, in the travelers case, this process is enhanced by x-ray machines, cosmic radiation in the stratosphere, unfamiliar bacteria, countless handshakes, re-adjustment of circadian rhythms and sleep deprivation in general. My point is, a lot of things get neglected when one is on the road all the time. Pets die, plants dry up, people get tired of waiting for you. But more importantly, especially if you are a sideman fulfilling the visions of others, it's all too easy to neglect oneself.

On that note, I am limiting my time on the road this year and I'm hoping to hibernate a bit and do some long-desired writing of my own music. But I'm also not going to make any promises about anything because that is a habit I need to break. The only thing worse than an unfulfilled dream is an unfulfilled promise to a dream. I'm trying to learn when to keep my mouth shut and when to open it. It's good to still be learning at this ripe old age. Today I learned why teeth don't heal like other bones.

For those of us counting, and since age and size and all things superficial do matter, I have officially surpassed the 100 mark in published recordings, namely CDs. I can certainly pat myself on the back for all the hard work since 1992 but on the other hand I also believe that there is too much music out there. I can't keep up as a listener. There is far too much immediacy and accessibility in the "developed" (read: Western) world. And there remains plenty of brilliant stuff already in existence yet to be discovered. Stuff from years back, stuff that isn't "cool". Plenty of people out there doing much more interesting things than I could ever achieve. My aim is to continue aspiring.

This week we recorded the final Moonchild set of music according to our fearless bandleader. In the meantime new Tomahawk demos have already begun circulating, there is a Melvins Lite tour being discussed and I have several collaborative projects with my colleague Sannety (see: hermitage/music) spinning under my fingertips. I have a tour with The Nels Cline Singers in May and Endangered Blood will be crossing European boarders in November. Other than that what I am up to is none of your business. I'm tired of having my picture taken. In the immortal words of Neil Pert, "I can't pretend a stranger is a long awaited friend."

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